Training & Induction


All our graduates start life at M&S with an induction programme. Depending on your background and experience, this will last between one and two weeks.

The induction gives you a basic overview of our business, along with all the information you need about your new role and life at M&S.

It includes:

  • A one-day corporate induction workshop. This is for M&S graduates from all over the country, so it’s a good chance to meet other people in your shoes. Senior people from the business will be there to welcome you and tell you about the direction of M&S.
  • An introduction to M&S stores. This involves meeting people in lots of different retail roles, and finding out all about how our shops work. After all, we are a retail business so no matter what role you’re in, it’s important you understand your part to play in providing a great experience for our customers.


Once you start at M&S, you’ll do most of your learning on-the-job. But to make sure you’re always developing new skills and moving in the right direction, you’ll also have more structured training. This will be a real mixture of things, including:

  • Attachments. This is where you shadow one of our experienced managers to see what it takes to lead a team.
  • Workshops. These will be mixtures of classroom learning and hands-on tasks. Some only last for 90 minutes; others could be a couple of days.
  • Self-directed learning. We’ll give you a set of workbooks covering the technical parts of your role. It’s up to you to find time to fill them out.
  • Practical learning. This could be leading a project within your team. Or researching new ways of doing things and putting your recommendations into practice.


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